Our Objectives

The Faculty aims to promote the study of various countries and regions as an academic discipline in Iran at the theoretical, strategic, and applied levels. Bringing about expertise, understanding, and cooperation at institutional and individual levels are the main mission and focus of the Faculty.

The Faculty offers two-year MA programs in British Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Indian Studies, North American Studies, Russian Studies, Latin American Studies, Japanese Studies, and Arab World Studies (with focus on Iraq, Egypt and Palestine). Since February 2011, the Faculty has started Iranian Studies, specifically designed for non-Iranian students. The Faculty also offers new programs on other countries in South Africa.

Attempts have been made to promote the interdisciplinary approach in joint studies such as US-China, Japan-Korea and US-India studies which will provide the grounds for a network of understanding in the field of culture, economy and politics as well as common opportunities and threats.

The Faculty is working towards offering a new program on World Studies. The program will be studying the major issues and threats in the world in the fields of environment, security, food, energy, human and natural resources, housing, welfare and trade. This program will help researchers and scholars depict a monolithic and integrated picture for understanding the modern world and new trends in the world as an interdependent and interconnected totality.

The teaching staff of each department are well-versed in the language of that department, and every program is instructed in the language of the country being studied. The non-teaching staff of the Faculty are aware of the students circumstances and provide invaluable services to students and teaching staff.