Janice Webster

Iranian Studies PhD

Janice Webster

2017 Entry- Australia
PhD Strudent

  • “Starting the PhD program at FWS as a foreign student is both an immense privilege and a huge challenge. The best part is being back at the faculty and seeing the familiar faces of the lecturers, staff and students who I met and who helped me during my MA. It’s also great to be in a classroom with Iranian students and to be more connected to the local student life and culture. Trying to produce several thousand words in Farsi every week to satisfy the continuous assessment requirements of the first 1.5 years of the program is a learning curve steeper than the telecabin line at Touchal and even though at times it’s hard to see through the layer of pollution produced by my language and other errors, I hope that with the patience and help of my professors and classmates at FWS the day will come when I emerge into the sunshine of competent academic Farsi and a better understanding of contemporary Iran.”

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