First summer school of diplomacy was held at the Faculty of World Studies

July 23,2023

The Institute of Scholars of World Studies organized the first summer school of diplomacy on 18th -19th  1402 in cooperation with the School of World Studies.

The first day of this course started with the speech of Dr. Kayhan Barzegar, the former director of the Middle East Studies Center, about “The role and place of think tanks in foreign policy” and with the speech of Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, the former minister of foreign affairs, under the title “Contrary understandings and their management in negotiations” ”

On the second day, the speech of Dr. Hossein Jabri Ansari, the former head of the Diplomacy Center and the former spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, focused on “public diplomacy; Necessities and needs” was formed and the speech of Ebrahim Motaghi, the head of the faculty of law and political sciences of Tehran University, with the topic of “theories of international relations and their application in practice” was the final part of this course.