The “Peer Review: Nuts & Bolts” workshop on the review procedure in scientific publishing was held in Hannaneh Hall of the Faculty of World Studies on Sunday, September 17. The Workshop was organized by the Iranian Association of World Studies and Prof. Saeid Reza Ameli and Mr. Alireza Salehinejad spoke at the event.

The Workshop, which was held reconciliation of the international “Peer Review Week”, began by Prof. Saeid Reza Ameli, the Dean of the Faculty of World Studies, welcoming the attendees and introducing the publishing cycle in scientific journals. He continued by asserting the importance of peer review in scientific publications and explained the necessity of the “Peer Review Week”.

Alireza Salehinejad, researcher and a PhD candidate in North American Studies at the Faculty of World Studies, was the next speaker who provided a brief history of peer review and elaborately explained the different types peer review, the peer review process, and how to write a useful review.

After this, Prof. Ameli brought up the importance of research integrity and provided some examples of which. Salehinejad continued by explaining different types of research misconduct and elaborated on the role of reviewers in identifying research misconduct and plagiarism.

Then, Alireza Salehinejad discussed a number of case studies and explained the process of membership in scientific journals’ editorial and review boards.

The workshop ended with a Q&A section, and the attendees were awarded with certifications.