Workshop on Iranian Studies
New Perspectives in Iranian Studies

First Workshop: IRAN AND THE WEST

EVENT: Summer Workshop + Tour of Iran
DATE: August 17-21 + August 22-28, 2013
PLACES: Tehran + Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Qum
DEADLINE: June 1, 2013
Contemporary Iran is widely held to be a home to non-mainstream approaches to many important cultural, social and political issues. This has made Iran an interesting case for thinkers who look for alternative views towards the Western hegemony. What makes Iran even more interesting is that analysts have realized that Iran is not isolated in its approach and is followed by many others. Even some analysts maintain that the resurgence of Islam first in the Middle East, and then globally, and even the resurgence of religion as a whole after its decline in the beginning of the 20th century, owe much to the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Ignoring the dominant propaganda campaigns waged by the media as well as political debates nurtured by power ploys, there are some vital questions which need to be addressed. What are the sources of this difference of approach and how did it develop in the 20th century? Thirty-five years after the revolution, what are the outcomes of the Iranian version of political Islam in culture, society, literature and art, and how could the outcomes be compared with their parallels in the West? What was the impact of the Western policies, Western media and Western intellectuals on the way Iranian discourses were crystallised? What was the outcome of this difference of approach in the region and global arena? These are very interesting themes if they are looked at from an academic angle. We at the University of Tehran, as insiders, want to raise such discussions and invite academic thinkers from all over the world to participate in this workshop, which is the first in a series of workshops on new perspectives in Iranian studies.
The whole program, the workshop and the tour, will last for twelve days. The workshop is planned for five days, two sessions daily, one in the morning and one in the evening, and will be held in English. Every session will last for three hours, starting with a lecture by an Iranian scholar, followed by a coffee break, and concluded with an open debate. The topics to be covered under ‘Iran and the West’ are:
·         History, Culture and Society
·         Politics and International Relations
·         Religion and Philosophy
·         Arts and Literature
Accommodation and all meals will be provided during the workshop period by the University of Tehran. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance by the end of the workshop.
The program will then be followed by a week-long tour of Iran. The tour will include visits to Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Qum. Throughout the tour, accommodations will be provided at four star hotels. A buffet breakfast will be provided at the hotels, and lunch and dinner will be provided as part of the program. The fees also include two domestic flights as well as coach fares, a week-long guided tour, entrance tickets for all historical sites visited, and a tourist bus. Insurance is also included.
All university professors/lecturers, researchers/experts, and PhD candidates in related fields are invited to apply. Please send your detailed CV/resume, a letter of interest, and an application form available at the website, to the program coordinator, Abbas Aghdassi at, by June 1, 2013. In exceptional cases applications by MA students in relevant fields might also be considered.   
The fees for the whole program are $1850, of which $1200 is for the workshop and $650 for the tour (the rates may vary according to the type of room). Applicants may apply only for the workshop and pay only the workshop fees, but may not apply for the tour alone. The fees include accommodations and all meals and travel inside Iran for the whole twelve days, but not flight tickets to and from Iran or visa fees.



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