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General Information
The MA program in North American Studies was introduced in the Faculty in the academic year 2005-2006 to fill the great demand for a master’s degree in American Studies. The aim of the program is to promote study of American affairs effectively. The graduates of this course will be experts in political, cultural and social affairs of North America. The US history, its foreign policy, economy and other aspects of life are studied by the students of this program which can be completed in two years. This program, apart from core courses in Political Science, also offers core courses in key disciplinary areas of International Studies, as well as a wide range of courses which are both discipline and area based.

Description of the program

The MA in North American Studies program is a two-year course (four terms). The students are supposed to complete the program maximum in five terms. The subjects are offered on term-credit basis. Minimum credits offered in each term are nine. Each theoretical credit is offered in 16 hours in every term, while every practical credit is offered in 32 hours per term.
The students of the MA in North American Studies program, besides the prerequisite or deficiency subjects, should pass 32 credits (coursework and research) which include 14 compulsory credits, 10 optional credits and a dissertation of six credits.

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